It is with great sadness that Merengue was put down December 8, 2016. Merengue was a wonderful and talented horse as well as a great companion. I will miss him greatly.

Merengue JC  is a fifteen year old Peruvian Paso gelding, bred and trained by Luis Castaneda. 
Merengue started his show career in 2007, wining a number of blue ribbons including Southern California Peruvian Paso Horse Clubs High Point Senior Rider for his owner as well as second place High Point Open Show Horse. 

 About the Peruvian Paso
 The Peruvian Paso is said to be the smoothest riding horse in the world. They descended from the horses of the Spanish soldiers of fortune, the Conquistadors, during the 16th Century and the invasion of the Inca Empire which includes what is now Peru.
The Peruvian Paso breed has been unchanged for over 450 years and is one of the last naturally gaited breed of horse.

Karen Stienhoff and Dennis Makemson have been performing together for the last 4 years and have performed at numerous events, demonstrating the beauty and flexibility of the Peruvian Paso horse. They have performed at the California State Fair in Sacramento a number of times as well as the Dressage In The Wine Country, Napa Mustang Days 2011  to name a few. 

Dennis has retired Merengue from the shows and demonstrations. Merengue is now enjoying being a trial horse and a good partner. Karen has also retired from the show circuit, at least for now.